31st of July 2018 12:07 PM
Group run tonight promptly at 5:30! Please join us!!!
30th of July 2018 07:24 PM Link
With Christy’s permission, we wanted to share with you her Ultra experience at Badwater last week. Unfortunately it was a difficult race day for her and she was unable to finish but we think her story and her humble account is inspiring especially to those of us who would never even take on a challenge like Badwater. Btw it was 125 degrees.
She is our hero!!!!

“Yesterday at Badwater, I was handed my first DNF (did not finish). The race went unbelievably bad for me, almost from the get go. Myriad of issues I’m still trying to understand. Basically, I overheated in a big way that resulted in my crew having to pick me up off the pavement and carry me to the van. I woke up in medical and was told it was over.

Thank you to everyone who has texted and emailed. I’m fine now, just a bad headache. Some races just don’t go your way, and yesterday was not my day. That’s what ultras are all about. Badwater is a different animal, and the margin of error is basically zero. Everything has to be dialed in perfectly. There’s a reason it’s the worlds toughest foot race, and sometimes the course beats you.

The most important piece of this post is this, my crew (Rhea Jerry Kevin Jasmine), the finest people out there. I’m humbled beyond words at their dedication, constant attention to detail at working so hard to keep me moving, and finally, literally picking me up and carrying me to the van and tent after the heat claimed me (something no crew should ever have to do). I’m forever indebted to you all. If you’ve ever wondered about the state of humanity, watch crews at an ultra marathon. You’ll be renewed instantly.

Thank you to everyone who followed and supported me. Although I will not come home with a buckle, I’ll come home. And that’s what’s most important.”

Below is Christy’s comment on from Instagram .

“My 2018 Badwater ended just past Stovepipe Wells where after running a nice stretch, I stopped to get water, and passed out. I had been dealing with electrolyte issues during the night, and when it started to heat up, things got worse. Woke up in the med tent after my crew had to pick me up and bring me in. This year’s race completely shattered me. But they don’t call it Worlds Toughest for nothing. This year saw record temps. And something was off for me early on. There are lessons to learn and I’ll need to process it all. Major kudos to my incredible crew who did everything right and took care of me when I needed it most. I am going home ok because of them. Thank you to those who were following me. My son told me on the phone last night, I’m sorry you didn’t finish your race, but I still love you. And that’s all that counts.” #badwater135 #dnf #failureisapartoflife #stilllovedeathvalley
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30th of July 2018 01:17 PM Link
We had a sooo much fun at our DIY race T-shirt makeover event. We made some really cool cut out tanks, fringed tops, reusable bags and purses...who new? A big thank you to Lori, Stephanie and Melissa for teaching us how to make these awesome repurposed items and to everyone that participated! We will definitely do this again!!!
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23rd of July 2018 11:58 PM Link
Working hard at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver CO. It started yesterday with an outdoor expo and demo day in the park. Today we hit the floor running (no pun intended) so we can find new products and ideas to bring back to FWB! It’s so fun to visit the hundreds of exhibitors and see what’s new in running and outdoor recreation. #outdoorretailer #or
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2nd of July 2018 04:50 PM Link
Don’t forget to pick up your patriotic Run With It gear. We just got in these cool flag hats to match our awesome tanks. Run in style this 4th of July!
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30th of June 2018 01:22 AM
Tomorrow Morning! Come join us!!!!!!
Northwest Florida Track Club
Jun 19, 2018
I just wanted to remind everyone we will be doing our 4th of July/Summer kickoff run again this year on June 30th. This is about a 5K training run at your own pace, start and finish will be at Garnier Beach Park. We should take off somewhere around 8:00 in the morning. After the run, we will enjoy some type of "boil" cooked up by Billie Adams. If crawfish are still in season, he will serve them up. If not, it might be a low country boil with shrimp. There will also be water, sodas, and beer. Bring a chair, tent, blanket, etc. and plan on a little run and a lot of fun. Oh, the best part about this is that it is FREE for Track Club members! If you plan on attending, please RSVP to me at president@nwftc.com so we can get an accurate count of how much food will be needed. Thanks and hope to see you out there.

Brian McMahon
President, Northwest Florida Track Club
29th of June 2018 12:08 PM Link
If you’re a neutral runner and in the market for a new shoe, definitely try on a pair of the new Saucony Ride ISO. The ISO fit upper has nice space in the toe box and allows a custom fit around the mid foot and collar of the shoe. You get a cushioned yet responsive “Ride” in a super comfy shoe. #saucony #easyride
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3rd of June 2018 05:04 PM Link
More pictures from past years Billy Bowlegs parades. It's a lot of fun so come and join us! Bring a bag of candy to throw to the kids!
If you are a Northwest Florida Track Club member (or would like to be), come join us tomorrow night at the Billy Bowlegs Parade! All are welcome!
Staying with the Bowlegs spirit, we are registered for the Billy Bowlegs Torchlight Parade on June 4th. We will start gathering at Rick's Crab Trap/K-Mart parking lot around 5:00 and walk to the start line at Eglin and First. The parade starts at 7:00. We have shirts, beads, and other leftover trinkets from races to throw. If you want to bring beads, candy, etc. feel free to do so. It is a lot of fun. We are normally one of the first groups in the parade. That means we are the first to finish. Wear some Track Club attire with your pirate garb.
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1st of June 2018 05:10 PM Link
Something unique for him for Father’s Day. Beer compression sleeves from Zensah! Oh yeah!
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31st of May 2018 01:15 AM Link
We are kicking off summer with a fun event at next Tuesday’s group run, June 5th. Lets try to get everyone to show up at 5:15pm and leave together as a group promptly at 5:30pm. This way we can socialize a bit before and meet new runners that show up to run with a group! Lets put the group back in group running:} We will be outside to welcome you with a rep. from On running shoes. Take a pair on the road to test or just try some on and walk around the store.

On running shoes are great for a minimal, fast ride...
"Once on the ground, the Clouds lock firm to provide a solid foundation for a natural and powerful takeoff. Simply put: On is the first running shoe that provides cushioning only when you need it.
So you can have the best of both worlds: cushioned landing, barefoot takeoff. Enjoy the benefits of natural running without compromise in comfort and speed."
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11th of May 2018 04:32 PM Link
This looks like a fun run in Navarre!
10th of May 2018 09:56 PM Link
New at Run With It Sprigs Arm Bands
try it for yourself
will keep the armband secure
we guarentee it
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10th of May 2018 03:35 PM Link
9th of May 2018 03:42 AM Link
Thank you to John and George our reps from Topo athletics and 2XU for a great demo night! AND a big congratulations to Peggy! She won a free pair of Topo running shoes!
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8th of May 2018 05:44 PM
Don't forget you could win a FREE pair of Topo running shoes plus other giveaways tonight at Run With It!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at our group run tonight. The main group leaves off at 5:30 pm others at 5 and 6.
Try on a pair Topo running shoes and a pair of 2XU compression sleeves and see how you like them.
8th of May 2018 01:38 AM Link
You don't want to miss our Tuesday night run tomorrow night...why? Because cool things are happening...check it out...
Join us at Run With It Tuesday from 5 to 7pm for a Demo run with Topo Athletic. They will be featuring the FLI-LYTE 2 and ST-2 running shoes. Word has it there's going to be a drawing for a FREE pair of Topos and lots of giveaways! If that's not enough, we are excited to have 2XU demoing compression sleeves and socks as well! Remember we always have complementary beer to celebrate your run!
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7th of May 2018 01:58 AM Link
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7th of May 2018 01:53 AM Link
5th of May 2018 12:20 PM Link
The Saucony Liberty iso is our pick of the week. A light performance stability shoe gives a fast responsive ride. The minute you put it on your foot it feels incredibly comfortable. Come in today and try some on at Run With It

Runnings Shoes Gurus gives them a 5 star rating.
"It gives impressive shock absorption and a high return when lifting off the ground. It feels soft to the touch, but is very sturdy and stable feeling like a springboard. It was responsive and I could easily make turns and attack hills with ease.

The medial frame is minimal, but offers enough to give the support I need. The material on the inner part of the sole feels noticeably firmer than the outer to combat against over pronation wearing down the shoe unevenly.

The ride is incredibly fast and supportive. I am not a severe over pronator, but it happens enough where I can’t wear neutral shoes. It gave me just the right amount of support. I could do tempo runs and track workouts with ease.

The lower 4mm drop pushed me forward but my body did not feel like it was breaking down. On lift off I used the ball of my feet and my mid foot on landing.

There were zero traction issues. Toward the end of my testing, snow was starting to fall and I had plenty of grip on snow covered roads." #saucony #libertyiso
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2nd of May 2018 11:00 AM Link
May 8th Demo Run with Topo Athletic and 2XU Compression

Join us at Run With It Tuesday from 5 to 7pm for a Demo run with Topo Athletic. They will be featuring the FLI-LYTE 2 and ST-2 running shoes. Word has it there's going to be a drawing for a FREE pair of Topos and lots of giveaways! If that's not enough, we are excited to have 2XU demoing compression sleeves and socks as well! Remember we always have complementary beer to celebrate your run!
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