The obvious first choice. Before you start a running program it is very important to select the right shoe for your foot type biomechanics. Wearing the wrong type of running shoes for your feet and running style can lead to injury. It is also important to make sure you are wearing the right size shoes – you should get shoes are at least half a size bigger than your street shoe size. Your feet swell when you run so it’s good to have some extra room in the toe box to avoid black toenails and blisters.



A far cry from the cotton gear you may have been used to growing up. Look for wicking fabrics that are non-chafe and lightweight. The initial cost is a little more but well worth it.


Non-cotton wicking socks make a huge difference. Cotton socks do not wick moisture away from the skin and can cause blisters. From the fitting polyester, nylon or wool blends are much better at keeping your feet dry and blisters away.


An extremely important piece of equipment. Think of a great performing sports bra just like you would a pair of performance running shoes-essential equipment to help you perform your best. Let the ladies at Run With It take you thru the fitting process.